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Crisis Communications

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The Brief

A newly launched restaurant had its Halal Certification application in the pipeline. Miscommunication with the mall management led them to promote the restaurant as Halal Certified. This caused undue confusion and dissatisfaction within the Muslim community.

The challenge

The issue started when a member of the public did a verification with Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura (MUIS), the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore, to which they responded that the restaurant was not Halal Certified, and a certification application has not been filed.

Fuelled by alternative media publications latching onto the topic, the scene went viral on social. The restaurant's Facebook page faced the brunt as sentiments ranging from 'misleading the public' to 'deceit' pelted their social media platform.

The solution

Within six hours of the crisis, we:

1. Tracked original source of the crisis and viral posts which have amassed significant traction

2. Pin pointed key issues voiced out by the public via social listening and sentiment tracking

3. Established a credible spokesperson to front all enquiries

4. Published a response stating that an official Halal Certification license had already been submitted on the very day, and addressed all issues regarding all food preparation standards, logistics and manpower

5. Addressed all open comments from the public and private messages with humility and gratitude

Communicating During Crisis

1) Identify & define crisis
2) Research - who, what when where how?
3) Develop key messages for each audience
4) Establish a spokesperson
5) Monitor
6) Evaluate
7) Follow up