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Championing Rights for Sex Workers

Sex workers, quietly swept behind all that glitz and glamour of a cosmopolitan city state, they sometimes fall through the cracks of the society when it comes to rights and social support. Project X aims to leave no one behind.

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The Brief

As part of fund raising for their operations and outreach programme, Project X launched their Project X e-store. Merchandise include umbrellas, stickers and various apparels. So it came down to - "how do we get maximum publicity on their e-store and to raise funds for them?"

The challenge

The good work at Project X straddles across a very fine line of protecting rights of sex workers and enabling sex work.

While sex work is legalized in Singapore through strict regulations and licensing, the bulk of sex workers in Singapore, are by large, illegal. The work of project X was never to differentiate those in need.

Being a taboo social issue, it became a very touchy and sensitive story to pitch to the press. Any potential story would be treading on thin ice.

The solution

Rather than to uncover the unspoken cracks of the sex industry, we focused on the good that Project X does as a touch point for the press conference - providing welfare, shelter, counseling, legal assistance, public talks on reducing stigmas and more.

Media counsel was also provided to all spokesperson to avoid controversial topics, such as those related to law enforcement and other vices.

The basis of the press conference and media outreach was to spread the good of Project X, rather than to address a white elephant in the Singaporean room.

The results

We secured interviews from most mainstream publications such as Straits Times, TODAY, TNP, and Capital 958 Radio.

Project X raised a total of $30,000 sponsorship following the increased awareness towards their cause.